ICBI Reserve Study Standards

The ICBI Generally Accepted Reserve Study Standards are the backbone of ARPC. These standards are the first comprehensive standards of their kind in Canada.

To review the standards visit:  http://www.capitalbudgeting.org/

Reserve Planning is a relatively new and sadly unorganized industry in Canada until now. ARPC is on your side as a consumer or as a professional wishing to provide reserve planning services.  


We provide a wide range of training and mentorship options to our members. Earn a PRFA Designation.


We provide a broad spectrum of development and training options to equip planners with compliant tools to analyze and report on reserve funds.

Software solutions

ICBI compliant analysis and reporting software. User friendly and independently audited.

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Associated Reserve Planners of canada

setting the standard of reserve planning in Canada

reserve fund analysis & report preparation software solutions.


We view compliance as an absolute necessity. Reserve Planning involves financial advice affecting millions of Canadian home owners.